Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Made with Love: DIY Wedding Projects

To save money and add a bit of personality to our wedding, we (and by we, I mean I, haha) made a few of the elements of our wedding. I used to be a big reader of the website Wedding Bee before I was engaged and it's a great resource for crafty touches to personalize for your wedding. Lots of brides make their own bouquets and flower arrangements from fabric and paper flowers, even Coke bottle caps and antique broaches! Stepping away from the traditional florals can be really stunning. I love flowers, but I know from reading Wedding Bee just how expense flowers can be. I wasn't even going to have a bouquet, but Felix felt strongly about that one. He called and ordered one of my favorite flower, yellow roses, a day or two before the wedding. For Felix and our fathers, I made boutonnierres from a gorgeous blue organza. With blue being our loosely adopted color scheme, they made our important men stand out. I used blue pearl beads to accent the centers. 

Felix's stepdad, Chitbodhi
Felix and his dad, Jina
I used the same method with a light pink organza to make a single flower for my hair clip and 3 for Jeny's headband. My mom and Felix's mom had no desire for a corsage, so they went flowerless.

I've tried taking better pictures of my last DIY project, but this is pretty much the only picture that turned out well. Jeny and I glittered our heels. She did silver glitter to go with her blue dress and I did blue glitter.

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