Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Verlassen Unserer Trauung und Unserer Sektempfang - Exiting the Ceremony and Our Sektempfang

After the ceremony finished, our guests formed lines at the front of the room to give us hugs and congratulations. Herr Scherer started corralling people towards the door. Our ceremony had run over and the next wedding was eager to get started.

This is Felix and Nicola, our awesome photographer.

I think at this point we were looking at each other and saying, "We did it!!!" I just love my awkward pose. I am nothing but awkward. :) This is a good time to mention my "something"s for the wedding. My shoes and nails were my something blue. My something old was also a something borrowed, my Grandma Bass' bracelet that my grandfather had given her many moons ago. My other somethings borrowed were the purse in the photo below. It was made from my Aunt Maggie's wedding dress for my cousin Meridith to use at her wedding. I also wore Meridith's garter, but there are no photos of that. My something new could have been anything, my dress, shoes, wedding band, bouquet, hair flower... I never picked something specific. I wasn't really concerned about having all of the categories, but it worked out perfectly.

Another surprise of the day! I hadn't even considered arranging any sort of a send off. We weren't having a big send off or leaving straight for a honeymoon. It just wasn't on my radar. We think Ranva arranged it, but we never really found out. As we walked out of the Rathaus, our guests showered us with flower petals and confetti. It was wonderful.

The folds of my dress and the neckline itself trapped a lot of the flower petals. This is the face I made as I felt the petals shimmy down my body under my dress. Ha ha!

Manisha had arranged a Sektempfang, or Champagne Reception, for between the ceremony and the reception. I hadn't ever heard of this, but apparently it's common practice here. The idea is that the people who come to the ceremony or just stop by after to congratulate the couple can also partake in the celebration. I think it's also popular because couples that have a second church ceremony want to do a mini celebration after the legal ceremony. Some people drank straight Sekt and others mixed theirs with orange juice.

A brief rundown of the characters in these photos:
Left to right --- Manisha (Felix's mom), Ralf (Manisha's brother-in-law/Felix's uncle), Nadine (Ralf's daughter/Felix's cousin), Sandra (Jen's girlfriend), Jen's back (Clemen's son/Felix's "cousin")

My new Schwiegermutter, mother-in-law!

Toasting the newly weds! That big blue pig is our card box. Nadine said she saw one at a friend's wedding and we loved the idea. Iris and Nadine made him out of paper-mache for us.

My sister is just so gorgeous and there were so many great pictures of her from the wedding. Here is one.

In this photo, my parents, sister, and I are talking with my friend Flor from language school and her husband Aria. They were the only friends I ended up having at the wedding, but I was so grateful they could come so last minute. We were able to invite them when my other friends backed out.

One of my favorite photos from the day: Felix with his biological parents. :) Felix grew up having lots of parental figures and we love all of them, but these are the two that started it all.

And with the sekt almost gone, we headed over to the reception site to start taking pictures there.

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