Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Best of Our Photo Shoot

This would be one area where I kind of wish we had a photographer who could direct us a little better with posing, but we still got some great photos. Felix was nervous and excited so he just kept putting his arms around me and looking at me, which is why we don't have more photos of us both acting normal. haha. 

We love this photo because of the little man in the shoe figure in the left of the picture. He's so cute. :)

The bright yellow in the background of these pictures is actually a yellow trailer on the Eulenm├╝hle property. We both loved the bold color and with the ridiculously bright sun, I think it made for some of the best photos.

The obligatory wedding band shot. Our bands certainly aren't that shiny anymore! I particularly love my nail polish in this shot. ;)

This was Felix's idea, to stick his head through the grapevines. He's such a goofball. :) It's one of my absolute favorite characteristics.

We were trying to get action shots of us actually running between the rows of grapes. Yeah, they didn't turn out that great.

This has become our favorite photo from the whole day. This and the one from my first wedding post with the balcony photo are my top two of all time. My mom says this one looks more bridal than the one from the balcony because of the bouquet. I have to agree.

And with that, we'll move on to the beginning of the reception and the speeches.

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